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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Under the kitchen sink.........clean & organized!!

So I discovered the land of DIY/decor blogs about 4 to 6 weeks ago, and I am so addicted. I have so many projects rolling around in my head that I want to do! Last weekend, I decided that I would try to get something accomplished. Something where I wouldn't need to go and buy anything....I remembered this post at the House of Grace, I had picked up the shelf liner the last time I was at Walmart. So I had everything I needed.

this is the before, meh...

after i emptied everything out. that little towel holder thing has been there since we moved in 9 years ago...never used it!
the previous owners had installed this rack thingy, that didn't roll out was a catch-all for crap!

yuck! you can see where the bottom had warped away from the side, due to water damage. once i cleaned the all of the surfaces, i used bathroom caulk and sealed up those gaps!

doesn't that look better?? i removed the white rack and rusty towel thing...there is so much more space.

this is the after. i put a hook on the door to hang the dishtowel from.

 Thank you to Bonnie from the House of Grace!  She totally inspired me to do this!!!! It was a quick and easy and satisfying project!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! I truly appreciate it!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my first blog!

Today is Sept 8, 2010, a Wednesday. I've recently discovered the world of DIY/home decor blogs. It is truly my new addiction!!! Today, I struggle with the idea, "do I try to go to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store or workout and go grocery shopping?" Do you see my dilemma? Thrifting over my daily tasks that MUST be done!!! I'm leaning toward St. Vincent de Paul!!!!

I have painted one piece of furniture. It was my first. It was a side table for my daughter. She is away at college, and she needed one. She is happy with it. I tried to use the same products that Centsational Girl used. I suppose the with practice I will get better. I am currently working on my sewing machine cabinet.

what do you think?
thanks for stopping by!!