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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thrifting/Garage Sales - March edition

I've decided to start a new series. I love to see what other bloggers find when thrifting and going to garage sales. So I am going to start posting what my 'finds' of the week are. 

This first picture is the result of an estate sale and a couple of garage sales. I spent about $25 total for all of this. There are 3 vintage cameras that I bought for my daughter who is a junior in college and a media arts major. She already has about 3 cameras in her vintage collection, so she'll be thrilled with these! 
I got these for $15 for both. I'm sorry for the fuzzy picture. I took this pic with my iphone. I can't find my regular camera. Believe me, they have beautiful frilly detail. I think I will turn the big one into a cork board for my office. 

I also found this beautiful sofa table on Craigslist. 

It turns out the woman I bought this from is a fellow blogger!!! Here name is Laura, and her blog is My Dear Trash at

It was so great to meet her and now follow her blog. Go on over and check her out!!!

New look for my Blog!!!

Today I discovered "Cute 'n' Cool Blog Stuff by Itkupilli. Here is the link to the website 

 I downloaded the background and banner. Thank you so much!!!

The background I chose was the Shabby Turquoise Damask, it can be found here:
The banner I chose was the Venice Header, it can be found here: .

I'm very happy with how it looks! What do you think? I appreciate any comments/suggestions you may have!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Goodwill frame to Jewelry Holder

I knew I wanted to make myself a jewelry holder for my closet. I had this very narrow area of wall available, and I wanted to have my jewelry displayed instead of in drawers, so I would wear it more often. So I had my eye open for a long narrow frame whenever I was thrifting. I came across this frame at Goodwill and picked it up for $4.99. The back had a stamp that said some brand of calendar. 

I started off by removing the back board, wiping down the frame with a wet paper towel, sanding it a little, then I sprayed it with gray primer, then used Gloss Black spray paint. I'm in a glossy black phase right now! 

Next I used a spray adhesive on back board and laid down a layer of batting. Then I used a remnant of material that I had left over from another project that I will post soon. I secured the material to the back of the board with khaki-colored Duct tape that I had in my tape drawer. It's not pretty, but who is going to see it? I used Hardware Cloth from Home Deport for the's like chicken wire, but the openings are 1/4 inch squares. Here is a link to what I bought: . Please use leather gloves when cutting the hardware cloth. I measured the inside of the frame and added about 3 inches to each measurement, because I wanted the wire to 'pouf' out a little from the frame. 

You can kind of see what I mean from the above picture. I didn't pull the cloth/wire tight. This is what I did, with the gloves on, I bent the end of the wire/cloth on the shorter sides up about 1.5 inches, then I did the same to the longer sides. Then using a staple gun, I stapled the long side into the side of the frame. Then I moved to one of the shorter sides, and so on. It was not hard at all. 

 I also bought little cup hooks that you see screwed in to the bottom of the frame and S hooks. I wear a lot of hoop earrings, and I wanted something to hang them from. I spray painted the cup hooks, S hooks and the hardware cloth with Krylon Brushed Metallic spray paint in Sesame Shimmer. It's a beautiful champagne color. The cup hooks were an ugly yellow-brass color, and the hardware cloth and S hooks were silver. It's a subtle change, but totally worth it.

Then I carefully placed the back board back in place, and while holding it upright on the table with one hand, I staple-gunned the back on with the other hand. I didn't want to lay it flat because I didn't want to push in the wire/cloth. Then I just used a ruler to figure out the spacing for the cup hooks along the bottom. I started the holes with a small nail, and then just screwed in the hooks. The back board already had a hole in it for hanging, so I didn't need to add any hardware to the back.

Thank you so much for stopping by...doing tutorials is new to me, so please be patient!!! I will improve, I promise!!!